Reasons to Build New

Reasons to Build a New House in the Sioux Falls Area 

Moving into a new home—whether it’s buying or building—is a major milestone in your life. It often represents a new and exciting phase for you and the people closest to you.  

You want to make sure you do what’s best and get it right. If you’ve ever considered building a new home in the Sioux Falls region, you might be wondering how building new compares to purchasing an existing home. 

Here are a few ways we think building a new home beats looking for an existing property.  

Glammeier new home - kitchen

Your New Home is Customized 

When you build a new home, you get to make it yours quite literally from the ground up. You’ll choose a lot. We build throughout Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities, so you’re sure to find a location that’s right for you. From there, you’ll pick your floor plan and make dozens of selections about interior features along the way. 

Honestly, building a new home is just plain fun. 

But in case it also feels slightly overwhelming, let us ease your mind. When you partner with us, our full-time coordinator will guide you through the entire process, step by step, decision by decision. She can give as much or as little feedback on your selections as you need.

The result: Rather than have to remodel or redecorate an existing structure, your new home will express your vision and meet the needs of your lifestyle from day one. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

You might not realize it, but building a new home can be more affordable than buying an existing property. 

For example, think about all of the aspects of a home that require upkeep over the years: The shingles on the roof take storm damage. The paint peels. The railings on the stairways eventually loosen. The plumbing ruptures. It can add up in a hurry, especially if your house has been weathering the elements for a few decades. 

When you build a new home, you’re buying time—likely years—of not having to worry about any of it. In fact, every home we build comes with a one-year documented warranty. And what’s more, some of the products we place inside our homes come with manufacturers’ warranties that exceed one year of coverage.

Life happens, so we can’t provide an absolute guarantee that you’ll never have maintenance issues with your Glammeier Home. However, if something comes up, we’ll be there to stand by our work and support you. 

Wall with battons
home exterior board & batton

Move On Your Timeline

When you move into an existing structure, more often than not, you need to negotiate your move-in date with the previous owners. Not so when you build a new home with Glammeier Homes. 

The build and the move-in date happen on a schedule we agree upon up front and then monitor every step of the way. 

As we get closer to nailing down the trim, we’ll also work closely with you to nail down a move-in date that works for you. This empowers you to negotiate a move-out date on your terms if you’re selling your current home or provide accurate notice to your landlord if you rent.