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Meet Our Team

Find Out How We’re Changing Home Building in Sioux Falls

At Glammeier Homes, we are striving to meet the needs of our community, one home at a time. We are simplifying the home building process by giving you pricing up front and being open and deliberate about the features and options available in our portfolio of homes. We have a beautiful showroom where buyers can see and select the majority of finishes going into their home, instead of visiting dozens of shops to make selections, often without the knowledge of what is budgeted or not. We have painstakingly selected the right materials and options so each home we build can be as unique as you are, while keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line.

Once we begin the process, our team is approachable and committed to building a quality home you’ll be proud to own. We have decades of experience and a variety of skill sets so you can be sure the person you are working with is knowledgeable in their specific field. We have taken those skills and developed a process driven approach to home construction so whether you’re purchasing a home we’ve already started or selecting one from our portfolio to start new, you can rest assured that we are working hard to deliver an enjoyable, transparent and seamless experience.

Daniel Glammeier – President

Daniel is typically one of the first points of contact in the home planning process. He is responsible for the design and estimation of your home.

In your first meeting, Daniel can discuss your unique needs and help with decisions on the right lot, floor plan, and features of your home. We plan every home individually with at least one custom touch so every customer has a little bit of what we call “Luxury. For Starters.”

Daniel enjoys all things mechanical and in his free time enjoys restoring his 1969 Chevy Nova. He has also built a custom trike that he can be seen riding around town or fixing on the side of the road. (I suppose he’s better at building houses than engines but everyone needs a hobby.)

Alicia Sturges – Selection Coordinator

Alicia will be by your side throughout your entire journey with Glammeier Homes. This is where the fun part begins.

Alicia will guide you through making all your specific selections—lighting, cabinets, flooring, countertops and paint just to name a few. Using our selection process, we can typically plan an entire home in just a few meetings..

Alicia remains a primary point of contact throughout the rest of the process, providing updates as needed and serving as a knowledgeable liaison, communicating your needs with our construction crews.

In her free time, Alicia enjoys thinking about houses, dreaming about houses, looking at houses, planning houses, cruising Pinterest, and watching HGTV. There might be a bit of a theme here …

Eric Van Ruler – Construction Manager

Planning the physical construction of your home is Eric’s specialty. Since he was just six months old, Eric has been involved in some aspect of home building (okay, he might have been slightly older, but you get the idea).

With your specific selections in mind, Eric coordinates with our entire team and subcontractors, ensuring every detail is considered. Good planning early leads to the best outcomes. Eric’s eye for the details in planning and his uncompromising commitment to quality deliver the best product to you.

To wind down from building homes, Eric can be found at his own home, tearing down walls and remodeling. Maybe he just likes to practice.

Carl Risty – Site Superintendent

Carl is the head of boots on the ground when it comes to constructing your home. It’s the work his team performs each day that truly sets your home apart.

Each home has an extensive quality control review to ensure it meets our rigorous standards during each phase of the process. When the last of the crews complete their work, Carl’s team jumps in again, scrutinizing every finish and finalizing every detail.

Work is where Carl comes to relax. With four kids at home (including young twins), he doubles as a jungle gym during his off-work hours.